Taiz : Women Sport Federation [Archives:1999/06/Sports]

February 8 1999

Mr. Abdullah Al-Ammari, Director of Sport and youth Office in Taiz, approved the appointments made by Ms. Ammatul-‘Alim Jahhaf President of the Women’s Sport Federation Committee in Taiz. Due to the general interest and its development in framework of various qualified women experiences, the appointments were as follows:
1. Ammatul-Rahman Jahhaf: President of the Committee.
2. Fawzia Abdo sa’eed: Vice President.
3. Nabeeha Taresh: General Secretary.
4. Inas Taher: Assistant Secretary.
5. Rihab Ahmed Sa’eed: Te nical Supervisor.
6. Nadia Yousef Ahmed: Assistant Technical Supervisor.
7. Bushra Al-Iryani: Culture Officer
Fresh news claimed that the Women’s Sport Committee in Taiz Governorate started work the first day the committee was formed. The committee is to consolidate women’s position in sports and to develop and advance the status of women’s sports in Taiz especially, and Yemen generally.