Taking Advantage of Amnesty Military Personalities Back Home [Archives:2001/37/Front Page]

September 10 2001

Yemeni official sources said that a number of military dignitaries belonging to the Yemeni Socialist Party and who left the country after the 1994 civil war are coming back to Yemen from Syria. The sources added the military officials have decided to return home to benefit from the general amnesty communiqué that President Ali Abdullah Saleh issued after the end of the Civil War in 1994. The sources added that this amnesty concerned a number of high military officials who have been living in Syria since July 1994, who would be welcomed back by the authorities.
In addition, independent sources made known that around 15 leaders of the Socialist Party have already come back to Aden.
It is said that that these leaders decided to return home as they had not received for six months the financial help they used to get from neighboring countries. This pushed them back to their country.
A number of journalists who sided with the socialists during the Civil War and left the country after the victory of the PGC came back to Yemen last May, the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate being instrumental in facilitating their return.