TAKING THE OATH,  TAKING THE CHALLENGE [Archives:1999/40/Front Page]

October 4 1999

SANAA: Two days ago, on Saturday morning, President Saleh took a pledge in the 
parliament to uphold the Constitution of the Republic of Yemen as the President. 
This oath marked the start of his official presidential term for 5 years. It is undeniable that the president has shown commitment in the last week for change. Positive signs have begun to appear. The first is his decision to abandon his judicial position as the Supreme Judiciary President. The second is his order to prohibit military and police officials from chewing qat during their work sessions. There has been a tangible increase in organization, security, and cleanliness in major cities. One can also feel the trust in the people of Yemen in their president. The poor sector of the community, the unemployed, the oppressed, and many others are hanging their hopes on the president. Now that he took the oath, he consequently took the challenge. This oath is of great importance. It means a lot for him, and a lot more for all Yemen.