Taliat Taiz defeats Sha’ab Al-Mukala [Archives:2000/18/Sports]

May 1 2000

The game in general was prevailed by cautiousness from both teams. Then Taliat Taiz was the first to take an action, by making several attacks on their opponent’s goal which was keeping a cautious defense. After 15 minutes from the first half, Isam Abdul-Ghani, Taliat Taiz forward player, scored the first goal from a head kick. After the first goal Sha’ab Al-Mukala rearranged its players and started attacking Taliat Taiz and they were able to tie the game through a penalty shot in minute 26 of the first half. Afterwards, the game sort of cooled down and the second half was about to end with a tied score if it were not for Mohammed Sa’adi, Taliat Taiz forward player, who scored the second goal from a free kick.
During the second half, Sha’ab Al-Mukala tried its best to intensify its attack on its opponent’s goal. However, Taliat Taiz kept a sturdy defense which Sha’ab Al-Mukala could not penetrate. By the end of the game, Sha’ab Al-Mukala team ran out of steam and suffered a major flaw in its defense which enabled Isam Abdul-Ghani to attack their goal with several shots on their goal. Generally speaking, Sha’ab Al-Mukala was not in its best levels during this game while their opponent Taliat Taiz has shown an outstanding performance.
The referee of the match was Mohammed Al-Bishri, of Saudi origin, who said that game was generally good although both teams were haunted with a feeling of worry because of the importance of this match. Finally, he expressed his gladness being in his second country Yemen.