Taliat Taiz:Great Accomplishment [Archives:2000/18/Sports]

May 1 2000

For many years, Taliat Taiz soccer team remained playing behind the scenes. Its modest performance level of playing has kept it on the edge and made it survive in the premier league and not go down to the first degree.
However, during this year it has shown a very strong level of performance standing the second among its group which includes some of the sturdiest teams like Wahdat Aden, Al-Sholah, Shaman, Etihad Ibb, Sa’ad Sana’a and Al-Zebra. In this group, it was able to defeat Ahli Sana’a, the first team which is expected to be the leading team in the league. In addition, it defeated Wahdat Aden and Sha’ab Al-Mukala in which case they were home teams and played on their ground and in front of their cheering supporters.
This great accomplishment for a team that remained at the bottom of the list for several years was achieved due to the cooperation of the club’s administration, coach and players. They have accomplished their ambitions and realized the hopes of the citizens of Taiz.
Jamal Al-AwadhiSport Editor