Teacher students protest in Taiz [Archives:2004/717/Local News]

March 4 2004

Around 300 students of the Higher Teachers Institute organized last week a demonstration that started from the Institute's headquarters and ended at the headquarters of the Taiz governorate office.
The demonstration was against the decision of the new management of the institute to have those students take their exams.
The protesting group was composed of students who were accepted by the old management of the institute, paid the fees, and have been enrolling in classes and studying lessons at the institute for a full year, but who were then kicked out of the institute by the new manager Yahya Qunbur along with officials at the Ministry of Education in Taiz.
In justifying his action the manager said that the students were not registered or had some of their files incomplete and were allowed to continue under the management of the former manager.
This demonstration comes at a time the Governor of Taiz Qadhi Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hajri had already ordered the new management to allow the students back to their classes, especially once graduated.
Those graduates will work in private schools in remote areas, which causes the government nothing.