Teachers demand halt of governmental interference in NGOs [Archives:2004/703/Local News]

January 15 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
The Yemeni Teachers Association issued on Thursday 8 January 2004, a statement in which it demanded from the government to stop meddling in the affairs of non-governmental associations and organizations. The association requested that the government leave them to manage their own affairs according to their articles of association and the regulatory laws.
The Association condemned in its statement the prevention of the Yemeni Students General Union from holding its conference at Sana'a University and expressed outrage at the arrests and pursuits of many student leaders in contradiction with the constitution and the democratic principles and attacked the allegations by the government of being an observant of human rights and democracy.
The association called upon the Ministry of Education and the competent agencies in order to expedite the fulfillment of its demands in terms of the amelioration of the living standards and to stop all deductions from the rights and salaries of teachers which are carried out whimsically.
It finalized the statement by expressing anger against the deterioration of the living standard and the rise in prices causing further hardships to living conditions of citizens in general and teachers in particular, whose salaries are usually not enough to make ends meet.
“This requires the intervention of the government to stop the rise in prices and increase salaries in proportion with the present living conditions.” teachers said.