Teachers’ Dispute Enters New Phase [Archives:1998/08/Local News]

February 23 1998

The dispute between the teachers and the government over low pay continues, with the teachers threatening to go on a strike. The Educational Professions Syndicate and the Teachers Syndicate have both called on their members and all teachers in Yemen to express their indignation regarding low pay and the proposed teachers’ law. ‘This comic play, directed by the government in cooperation with some actors in the educational sector, has led to a wholly unjust law that does not represent the wide educational sector,’ said a statement issued by the Educational Professions Syndicate.
Large numbers of teachers last week wore red badges to express their anger at the government’s lack of response to their demands.
‘A teacher’s monthly salary does not exceed $70, while, a senior Ministry of Education official receives no more than $100 a month,’ explained a statement by the Teachers’ Syndicate.
A partial strike was observed on 21st and 22nd of February in schools all over the country mainly by teachers who are affiliated with the Syndicate.