Teachers & Exams [Archives:2005/859/Community]

July 14 2005

By Sahar Shukri
[email protected]

After studying for several months , the most anxious time arrives – the final exams – but the exams of the last year in high schools and colleges are most important.

But the question is: which is more important, studying or exams??!

These days, the most important is the exam and to attain marks even without a real scientific success, just a numerical success.

Every teacher has his own point of view in preparing the questions by following the American way, the indirect way or to make a convenient one to the three levels: Excellent, Good and Weak. But what is the right way which teachers have to follow??

The problem isn't that exams are difficult but sometimes they are impossible, that means they can't answer any question. What is the aim of that??

Maybe it is an educational aim or just to frustrate the students who stay up all night studying hard and not be bale to answer the questions, then obtaining low marks or even fail.

In my opinion as a student, a good teacher is one who thinks that exams are not the main point, but the information and benefits obtained.

So the aim will be the education not obtaining marks. Hence, exam will not be difficult or impossible because it isn't the most important. If it is difficult you will hate the subject even if it is interesting or not and you will be sure that you won't be able to understand it or answer the questions and therefore not care for it at all.

The big problem is that some professors and teachers care only for preparing the most difficult exam to show off in front of the teachers and the students, feel great when the others say the exams are too difficult.

Those teachers were students, before did they forget that or are they pretending to have forgotten? Did they suffer these problem and are taking revenge now??!

They always say we were excellent and polite students, sometimes they say the truth and sometimes .

I can't say that all the teachers are like that, but some of them want to make the students hate education. The teacher has a big role in making a successful generation or the opposite, to make the student love or hate the subject. They have the power to change from negativity to positivity.

I'm not against exams which have hard questions, but I'm against it if all the questions are like that.

Why don't we have a Yemeni way to follow instead of the American one?

The question is: When the average of the students who failed is more than 95%, does this mean that the teacher is good and the students are stupid??!!!