Teachers need to be qualified [Archives:2005/816/Culture]

February 14 2005

By Abdulwahab AbdulQawi Al Sofi
[email protected]
For The Yemen Times

Hodeidah -Teaching is an art before it is a mere job. It is the greatest profession on the globe. It also the most dignified occupation.

The learning process depends on four main elements. These elements are serious students, qualified and prepared teachers, curriculums and the school administration. Unless these pillars of the process coexist and are available, the teaching process will never be successful.

The students and the school curriculums need coordination ad cooperation between the educational management and the society from which students come.

And it's the teacher who is the main corner stone of the process.

He or she is like the main artery that provides blood to all parts of the body. Teachers do activate the teaching process essentially.

This is aside from qualified teachers improving the learning process and leading it to success. They can promote it to the peak of success.

Teachers who are careless and unqualified can weaken the process to the its worst case through students as well. Students are really like a clean paper on which teacher can write whatever he or she wants.

All teachers' behaviors, their conducts ) either bad or good ) are stuck in students' mind. Therefore, teachers who carry bad qualities compose bad words and impressions in students' minds.

They are so strongly associated with their teachers that they imitate their teacher in everything.

Moreover, the influence of teachers on students often surpasses even parental influence. Teachers convey moralities politeness and ethics to students easily.

Unfortunately, there are some teachers performing their duty in schools without any good manners. Some of them smoke cigarettes in schoolrooms during teaching.

This disaster, some teachers have inflicted with in our school in front of our kids does inflate to students' desire because these bad habits will be stuck in students' minds. In addition to that, we find many teachers have high abilities and morality but they don't feel the prick of conscience and its torture.

Others are academically weak with bad morality. Their tongues are very vulgar to use bad words in the school classes. I have heard and seen that some teachers are using filthy words to their students.

It is shame to be mentioned. These kinds of teachers defame the good teachers reputation. Teacher must cultivate ethics during teaching, before teaching students their lessons.

The main role of a teacher is to change darkness to light, not the opposite. That's why; teachers have a high dignity and prestige in his society when they replace illiterate and ignorant persons by moral and educated and cultural students.

It is said that a teacher is a burning candle for illuminating to others, but teachers with bad qualities are like candles burning students.

Finally, I call the educational management and all concerns to check teachers' ability and morality well before sending them to schools. They have to qualify academically and morally, before going to schools.