Teachers protest causes fewer students [Archives:2007/1085/Local News]

September 13 2007

Fatima Al-Ajel
SANA'A, Sept. 12 ) The Yali Teachers and Employees Union held a meeting with the U.S. Embassy Culture Division on Wednesday to solve the problem of teachers' contracts at the Yemeni American Language Institute (YALI).

However, the head representative of the union, Wajdi Shief, stated that the results of the meeting were inconclusive. “we are still employees of the institute and we will continue calling for teachers rights according to Yemeni Labor Law.””

More than 64 teachers that took part in a sit-in were prevented from re-entering the building because of their protest. They have subsequently stated that they will not go back unless there is an apology from the administration. “”We are looking for a formal apology from the YALI administration