Teacher’s redistribution-complete mess [Archives:2003/673/Culture]

October 2 2003

By Abdulwahab
Abdulqawi Al Sofi
[email protected]

Teachers in Hodeidah became a commodity for educational centers. Every new school year, they redistribute teachers. Teachers are transferred from their schools as if they were pawns of a chess set. Teachers have become a main resource of their sustenance, especially in the latest changing of schools. Some schools were converted from preparatory to secondary and vice-versa.
Distribution is terrifying news for teachers, because they know well the severity of educational center's managers. They study the weak points of every teacher. Then, they start to play chess.
Teachers are really suffering. Those managers scatter teachers everywhere hoping that teachers come back to pay et, teachers are struggling for sacrifice. Teachers who have taught for five years in a school next to their houses are somewhat stable. Suddenly, they find themselves out of the city. What do we think that teacher can give or teach with dispersed thoughts? Stability is very important for teachers. Our educational officials are really contradictory.
They emphasize teachers' stability and livelihood improvement, whereas their instructions dislocate their devoted teachers. They should look for imaginary teachers who are only in the registers. They have to put medicine on the wound not to bleed it! Instead of educational principals concentrate on teachers ignoring so many important educational matters they should render care to schools conditions and students' level. Since 1995 we have been hearing that girl schools must be feminized. That's to say girl schools must have only female teachers, not mixed with male teachers.
At the beginning of every school year, that news spreads widely. Educational officials may want to threaten male teachers there, no more than anything else. Male teachers in girls' schools prefer to stop teaching than to leave those schools. Moreover, some headmistresses help those teachers to stay in girl's schools. What astonishes me that, two months later all this news vaporizes in the air and becomes in the limbo.
Male teachers even increase in the girls' schools. Girl schools get higher attention of educational office.
Officials are always visiting girl schools. Male supervisors hardly visit boy schools whereas they visit girl schools weekly as if they were nominated only for girl schools. Educational office pays full attention to those schools, neglecting all boy schools.
I agree that there are some temptations in girl schools. There, smell of perfume is emanated everywhere in the school. Moreover, visitors will be always received with sweet smiles. These of course, attract visitors to come back repeatedly. Thus, schools for girls are amusing places for principals, supervisors and others However, an official has to be honest and fair. They must pay attention and care to both girl and boy schools simultaneously.
We realize that giggling of girls and female teachers catch the spiritual illness, but principals have to restrain their emotion and act according to their responsibility. Educational officials are clever in playing chess but they are really stupid in finding unoccupied and insubstantial teachers, so that they get their prize.
They reap after they have sowed teachers everywhere. Teachers are victims of principal's Qat sittings. They have to determine the case before they take random decisions on teachers' heads. They should declare their decisions mentally, not when they are drunk. It is extremely worrisome. Consequently, the educational process will never be improved but it will certainly be worsened excessively.