Teachers’ salaries delayed in Taiz [Archives:2005/816/Local News]

February 14 2005

Taiz Bureau
Last Tuesday, a number of female teachers on contractual basis teaching in rural areas of Taiz districts gathered before the Taiz Governorate bureau, complaining to the Governor about late payment of their salaries as they have not been paid since September 2004.

They also requested a solution to the phenomenon of late payments and requested the authorities concerned to pass on instructions to release payment of salaries up to February 2005.

According to the teachers, the salaries have been almost six months late causing many financial difficulties, as many teachers were eventually unable to even pay transportation charges to arrive to their schools on time. They also noted the risks they have to go through when crossing highways where cars move with very high speeds, potentially causing accidents.

Taiz Governor Judge Ahmed Abdullah al-Hijri along with General Director of Education Dr. Mehdi Abdul Salam then issued directives to the concerned authorities at the Education Office in Taiz to pay pending salaries.

However, teachers were still in doubt that the directives would be implemented because they say 'there are some officials who intentionally delay payment of salaries for undisclosed reasons.'

It is to be noted that not long ago, Governor al-Hejri and Dr. Abdul Salam uncovered embezzlement operations and corruption in offices of public education in Taiz, and as a result, they referred some of the staff involved to prosecution.