Technical Innovations for Yemen Alternative Fuel Vehicles [Archives:1999/09/Science & Technology]

March 1 1999

In the second half of the twenty-first century cars will not use gasoline as fuel for several reasons. Gasoline is causing a lot of environmental pollution. The hydrocarbons available in gasoline are needed for the production of petrochemicals and performance polymers. Not much petroleum will be available as fuel, hence it will be too expensive to buy.
Scientists and engineers have already tackled the use of alternative fuel for vehicles. They want to solve this problem before it becomes dangerous.
The possibilities are many. Some options will be mentioned here.
Hydrogen is the most attractive option in the light of some recent developments. Hydrogen is available everywhere. It is a clean fuel with minimum environmental pollution since there are no carbon dioxide or sulfur gases produced. Only a small amount of nitrous oxide is produced in the burning process.
The fuel cell car is another option. In this technology hydrogen and oxygen react to produce water and electricity. This is another hydrogen fueled technology. The fuel cell option satisfies the “zero-emission” standards. Actually, this is an electric car with an onboard electric power source. Its drawbacks are those of electric cars; a low maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour and a limited range of 240 kilometers.
Mercedes predicts its car, named Necar II, i.e. no-emission car, will be in commercial production by 2010. Necar II uses the fuel cells technology.
BMW is taking another approach. They are using an available fuel and a well known technology; natural gas. They are marketing their compressed natural gas vehicles and will introduce liquefied natural gas vehicles in a few years. These cars are the bridge to the hydrogen fuel vehicles. Much of the equipment used for natural gas could also be used for hydrogen.
There are also the solar energy vehicles. These use electric batteries that get recharged by sunlight to keep the vehicle running.
Yemen has to do something to develop solar energy cars and many other solar energy equiped items. If developed, cars and equipment will run for free.
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