Technical & Medical ProfessionsSyndicate issues a Statement [Archives:2004/776/Local News]

September 27 2004

The Technical & Medical Professions Syndicate in Taiz issued a statement dated 18th September, pointing out that there is a person purposefully delaying the payments entitled to staff working in the technical-medical line. The same statement, requested the issue be submitted to the General Manager of the Health and Population bureau, directly, in hope that payments may be approved by him. The statement also urged the Union not to permit any financial reductions to staff entitlements, under any justification or illegal means, in particular, by staff who reduce amounts from their colleagues. As well, the statement asked for the approval and payment of the increment of 40% as per the President's resolution, and the payment of Infection allowances, incentive stipends and other entitlements, which have not yet been paid.