Technology of the Age at   APOLLO Sanaa EXPO CENTRE [Archives:2000/08/Local News]

January 21 2000

Sponsored  by the biggest commercial companies in Yemen Al-Jazeera Information Technology and Communication  Show is held in APOLLO hall, Sanaa Expo Center 20-25 February, 2000. 
The show was inaugurated by the minister of communications, the chairman of the board of directors of the state establishment of cable and wireless communications, Engineer Ahmed Mohammed Al-Ansi. 
Mr Al-Ansi expressed satisfaction for holding the show and his thanks that the ministry of communications to sponsor it. The show is considered a developed technology added to the information asset so that Yemen could keep pace with  the best countries in this field. 
More than 30  business companies specialized in the field of computer are taking part in the show among them NIIT, Yemen Computer Company Limited, Tihama Computer and Peripherals LTD, Yemen Soft for Programs and Consultations, Smartech Trading Company LTD, Yemen Technology and other trade investment companies that introduced computer and information technology to the Yemen market. 
The show opened at 9:30 a.m. Monday 20.2. 2000 by the minister of communications engineer Ahmed Al-Ansi was attended by large number of businessmen who have shown great astonishment for the technological development of computer companies in the world. 
Commercial and investment activity remains more serious and stronger especially when competition is the way adopted for offering services. 
 A great variety of computer monitor screens of different world trade marks are today displayed before the businessmen, these that have changed the world into a small village. Any visitor who intends to get acquainted with the latest in the world of computer can visit APOLLO, Sanaa Expo Centre to obtain what he likes of information technology.