Telal Celebrates the 95th Anniversary [Archives:2000/16/Sports]

April 17 2000

The Telal Club, established in 1905, celebrates its 95th anniversary as the oldest club in the peninsula and the Gulf. The club’s celebration synchronizes with the unification ceremonies. The Administrative Department of the club has constituted a committee for this purpose which is chaired by Nabil Ghanem to prepare the agenda for the club’s celebrations. The celebration will include different cultural and sports competitions.
A trade exhibition, with more than 20 participating trade companies, is to be held in Hukat Pool in Sirah, Crater. The club is soon going to organize a Football Tournament among all the Clubs in Aden which will be competing for the Cup of 22 May. It also plans to invite a Gulf team from the Gulf countries to play with some Yemeni teams after the football tournament is over.