Telephonic love [Archives:2004/780/Education]

October 11 2004

A'rif Ahmed Al-Ahdal,
Demonstrator, Education Faculty (Rada'),
Thamar University

Telephonic love I always hear
So eager,indeed, to have it near
Hey, dears, you never know
How happy, in fact, it makes me so.

Away from me you are, though
To me , closer than an eye to an eye-brow.
So cold a place it is to stay
With you in mind , so warm, you see?

Far or near, you are always dear
I wish I could have you always here.
Minute by minute I miss you all the more
Of this , my dears, I'm very much sure.

Shall we one day meet here or there?
Or will it be never, I fear
Will darkness be always there?
Or will it shine to all the clouds and come so near
That I will be there or you will be here?
Yet God is generous , He will make it fair.

N.B. Dedicated with love to my dear parents, siblings, colleagues, students, friends and to all those with whom I lovingly shook hands / hearts during my tenure at Hodeidah University.