Ten thousands Yemenis attend funeral ceremony [Archives:2003/01/Local News]

January 6 2003


Tens thousands of Yemenis escorted the deceased Jarallah Omer to his final resting place in Ashohada (Martyrs) cemetery in Sana’a.
Jarallah Omer, the assistant secretary-general of the Yemeni Socialist Party, YSP, was shot dead last week while attending the Islah party conference. At the head of the funeral were leaders of the Joint Meeting Parties, Dr Abdulkarim al-Eryany secretary-general of the General People’s Congress ruling party along with leaders of the Islah party, government officials, intellectuals and members of armed and security forces and students.
The funeral ceremony has been considered one of the largest ceremonies after Dr. Abdulaziz Assaqqaf, who died in a car accident.
The funeral ceremony is regarded as a total rejection of all forms of terrorist acts and violence.