Tension in al-Dala’e Continues [Archives:2001/01/Front Page]

December 31 2001

Military forces in al-Dala’e area have been imposing a siege on Jehaf area in Dala’e governorate since Saturday December 22, 2001. Armors have been used by Brigade 35 to siege all mountains surrounding and overlooking Jehaf villages. Checkpoints have also been erected on all roads leading to the area.
The same area came under attack by Brigade 35 on December 11, 2001 following the death of two soldiers and injury of three others who were fired at while patrolling the area.
The Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP) issued a statement urging upon the authorities to behave wisely and stop repressing people in order not to breed hatred and malice. The statement expressed bitter disappointment at the use of force against al-Dala’e governorate.
The shelling caused damage to a number of houses. A number of people were killed many others were arrested. At the end of the statement, the YSP and the Supreme Coordination Council for Opposition demanded the withdrawal of the the military forces stationed in the governorate, release of detainees and prisoners, compensation of citizens for the damage to their property, etc