Tension with Eritrea continues [Archives:2002/43/Local News]

October 21 2002

The Yemeni-Sudanese-Ethiopian trilateral summit which concluded in Sana’a last Tuesday has called on the Eritrean government to deal with its neighbors in a responsible way that does not interfere in their affairs.
A press statement issued by the summit called on Eritrea to not repeat the mistakes of the past and stressed that Eritrea should be a vital player in the region a force of stability and security in the region, as this will lead to the prosperity of the Eritrean people, living in a democratic society.
The three countries leaders, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Omar al-Bashir of Sudan and Melis Zenawy, PM of Ethiopia condemned that attack on Sudan from its borders with Eritrea.
The Eritrean president said the summit was mobilized by Sudan in an attempt to isolate his country. He said in a press conference that he will not heed not threats of these countries which he accused of working against Eritrea. But he stressed that his country is able to defend itself against any attack.
Eritrea has been accused of causing trouble in the region as it has had disputes with the three summit countries. It has been accused by Sudan of supporting the fighters in the south. It is also been accused by Yemen of giving a misinterpretation to the international arbitration verdict pertaining to fishing in their waters. It is also on bad terms with Ethiopia and has engaged in war from time to time.
The statement expressed support for efforts to achieve peace agreement between the government and the fighters of the south. They welcomed the agreement of Mashakus and refused interference in the internal affairs of Sudan.
The three leaders also focused on the Somali problem and the reconciliation efforts to bring the fighting groups together and sign peace agreement. The summit statement called the fighting groups to make the reconciliation conference. The statement also said the summit braised the role played by Ethiopia at the regional level to settle down border disputes in a peaceful manner as well as its role in preserving peace and stability in the region.
The leaders also discussed the situation in the Palestinian territories and condemned the atrocious acts of the Israelis against the Palestinians. They also stressed that diplomatic efforts should be used to settle the differences between Iraq and the US. They expressed refusal for all sorts of war as well as terrorism.
The three countries also discussed the cooperation between them and pointed out the importance of increasing investments among them and getting agreements signed.