Tensions mount in Al-Gawf [Archives:2000/31/Local News]

July 31 2000

Thousands of Dahm tribesmen are gathering in Wadi Alyatmah, in Al-Gawf governorate near the Yemeni-Saudi borders. The Dahm tribe which includes Dho Heen, Bani Nawf and Hamdan tribes, demand compensation for the land that according to the Jedda treaty belongs to Saudi Arabia. Dahm tribesmen claim that the land belongs to their tribe and that nobody else has the right to deal with it.
Following the signing of the treaty between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, the tribe issued a statement rejecting any appropriation of their land, threatening that the tribe will defend its land
Clashes broke out between the tribe and forces from Brigade (14) which tried to disperse the crowded tribesmen last Monday and lasted for about 5 hours.
Tribal sources have affirmed that tribesmen were still on alert. In a telephone conversation Sheikh Yahya Al-Shaif said that he met with the President last Saturday but did not talk about what he had discussed at that meeting. Tribesmen demand compensation for their land and this does not necessarily mean that they are against the treaty, he added.
Yemeni Minister of Interior met last week with his Saudi counterpart and discussed ways of demarcation of borders. On the other hand, copies of the treaty were Saturday handed over to Mr. Kofi Annan UN Secretary General and Dr. Ismat Abdul Majeed, Arab League secretary general.