Terrible Conditions at Hodeida Prison [Archives:1998/31/Local News]

August 3 1998

The chief of the Human Rights Organization in Yemen, Mr. Abdulafattah I. Al-Ahdel visited the Hodeida Central Prison on July 28, and made the following observations:
1- Abnormal overcrowding has made many inmates live in the prison’s courtyard exposed to weather extremes.
2- Some prisoners were seen tied to tree trunks or shackled with iron chains.
3- Diseases such as scabies, typhoid, malaria, and other skin ailments are rife.
4- There is no health care.
5- Evidence of torture by interrogators at the Criminal Investigation Directorate was observed.
6- Almost all inmates, especially foreigners, have no clothes or bedding.
7- The women’s prison is not better, at all.