Terror combating tops Interior Ministry’s agenda [Archives:2005/907/Local News]

December 29 2005

SANA'A, Dec. 26 ) The 16th Results of the conference of Interior Ministry officials, concluded on Monday, stressed on the importance of establishing cooperation between different security apparatuses to encounter terrorism that causes great concern to the State's security and stability.

Participants in the conference insisted on the government, the Parliament and the civil community organizations to be quick in issuing the draft law for the organization of arms bearing. Also that the Parliament should be given priority for the issuance of such a draft law that has been awaited for a long time and passing it will help control security infringements in the country.

Abdulqader Bajammal, Prime Minister, confirmed that combating the crime in its sorts and levels requires more solidarity and the building of confidence bridges between the police and the society. Eradicating crime, Bajammal noted, requires more coordination between the security authorities and apparatuses, emphasizing the deployment of security troops in the Yemeni coasts to fight terrorism.

Over the last few years, Yemen could manage to maintain the national security and stability that is the fruit of security cooperation between Yemen and other countries, mainly the U.S. The U.S. lavishly supported the Republic of Yemen in security areas, particularly the coastguard forces. It also offered training scholarships for the Yemeni police on how to fight terrorism. Additionally, a number of U.S. and British trainers supervise the training of Yemeni troops in several Yemeni military and security units.