Terrorism Crosses Another Line [Archives:1998/48/Front Page]

November 30 1998

There have been ominous developments in bomb explosions here and there by anti-regime elements in the country. These blasts used to be simply a loud noise and a nuisance.
Then around May this year, the blasts began to claim lives. This was the case in the explosions in Aden and other parts of the country.
Last week, the explosions crossed another watershed – targeting foreign diplomatic missions. Although it is not conclusive that the 60 kgs. of TNT that blew up the toyota corolla in Sanaa on 24th November, was targeted for the German Embassy, there is reason to worry. “According to our information, the German Embassy was most probably not the target. But as investigations are not yet complete, we cannot rule out that possibility,” said Mathias Kiesler, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy. That is why a 3-person German forensic team is in town working with Yemeni authorities to find answers to many questions. So far, there are more questions than answers.