Terrorist activity killed the AFZ: Bajammal [Archives:2003/684/Front Page]

November 9 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
SANA'A – Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajammal recently responded to Yemeni media reports over the purchase of the operation of the Aden Free Zone from its previous owner, Yeminvest, for U.S. $200 million.
In a statement to the 26th September weekly newspaper, the organ of the Yemen's armed forces, Bajammal focused on different phases of the Aden Free Zone, and bodies that took part in its operation.
He indicated that the Aden Terminal Container started its operation in 1997, “but terror incidents that that took place in Yemen such as, the explosion of the USS Cole destroyer and the French supertanker, Limburg have led to a withdrawal of activities at the terminal. It led also to a 300 per cent increase of the insurance duties on the part of ships coming to the Yemeni harbors.”
As a result of those conditions, the investors at the Aden Free Zone have decided to discard continuing working in the project due to some circumstances, said the prime minister.
The Yemeni government's purchase of the AFZ project at a cost of US $200 million, will bring positive results and benefit to Yemen's troubled economy, said Bajammal.