Terrorist acts affect over 140000 Yemenis, says al-Faqih [Archives:2008/1194/Front Page]

September 29 2008

Almigdad Mojalli
SANA'A, Sep. 24 ) Tourism Minister Nabil al-Faqih said on Monday that acts of terrorism are crippling the tourism sector in Yemen.

Al-Faqih said that tourists' reluctance to visit Yemen not only affects tourism investments, but also the livelihoods of those working in the tourism sector. He said that over 50,000 workers are affected directly and another 90,000 affected indirectly by this decrease in visitors to the country.

The Minister stressed the importance of tourism in the national economy, and noted the government's efforts to develop the sector on both a regional and international level.

Many companies and hotels confirm that they are affected by the bad press generated by terrorist attacks and kidnappings.

Tawfiq Al-Kameri, the president of the Yemen Hotels & Investment Company, stated that his company had lost more than USD$ 13,000,000 during the past few years because of kidnapping and terrorism. “Who is going to visit or invest in Yemen