Terrorists plot to bomb western interests [Archives:2005/829/Front Page]

March 31 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
The trials for several suspects of a gang planning to bomb Western interests in Yemen, particularly the US and British Embassies and the French Cultural Center in Sana'a, commenced at the counter-terrorism court on March 27.

The session contained a confession from Anwar al-Jailani, that his gang intended to carry out the bombings, and that Saudi elements were involved in the plot.

Al-Jailani, who is an Iraqi with a Swiss citizenship, responded to the prosecution that he and his accomplices were supported and authorized by Saudis to bomb the British Embassy.

Al-Jailani, aged 17, denied that the plans included the French Cultural Center but confirmed that Italian Embassy had been a potential target. He said that he was authorized to collect information about the British Embassy as a primary target while he was in Saudi Arabia.

After al-Jailani's confession, some present claimed that the suspect Abdurrahman Bassurah was ordered by al-Jailani to collect information about the French Cultural Center.

The Judge told the suspects and the many attendees that lawyer Mohammad Naji Allaw refused to attend the session to defend the suspects upon their request in the previous session, and that Allaw is boycotting the court.

Defense-advocates Mohammad al-Ezzani and Fadhl al-Riashi were appointed to defend five of the suspects while defense-advocate Abdulaziz al-Samawi will defend suspect Anwar al-Jailani. Two of the suspects requested that Dr. Hassan Mujalli to defend them.