Thank You, Dr Iryani [Archives:2001/16/Focus]

April 16 2001

Immad Al-Saqqaf
Taiz Bureau
Optimism has in fact dwindled after the announcement of the new government that included a number of ministers from the preceding regime. Many have been expecting that the change would reflect 80% of new figures assuming portfolios in the new cabinet. They have been expecting that the formation would include many new young personalities capable of more contribution. Though some people are optimistic and have much confidence in the shrewdness, and intelligence of Mr Bajammal in carrying out a program for reforming the situation, are less optimistic. Most significant reason for this is that it is rather a short term government that would not exceed two years. The unusual thing about the new Yemeni government is the surprise elevation of Bajammal and the quiet departure of Mr Al-Iryani, who used to respond silently to all those who had assailed him and refused to accept his premiership. He has preferred to live his own life in tranquillity and to serve the state from outside the government as an advisor.
In the past few years of his premiership, Dr Iryani has been offended by some people and newspapers. Even his efficiency, long experience and the long years he has spent in serving the homeland did not serve as a safeguard for him.
I am personally of the opinion that whoever offends Dr Al-Iryani is mistaken and anyone denying his great efforts in building the modern Yemeni state is ungrateful. Dr Iryani would remain, with his courageous decisions, firm stands and wide-range experience, one of the most prominent of the Yemeni politicians and one who played important roles in Yemen’s political life for about thirty years. Throughout those years Mr Iryani has assumed many ministerial posts, and headed departments such as education, planning and development, foreign affairs and at last took responsibility as prime minister. The people of Yemen would not forget the wisdom and intelligence of Mr Iryani and his competence at negotiation when he was a foreign minister. His name was associated with Yemen at all international forums. He has played a big role in extending his country’s relations with other countries and has raised high his country’s name. The Yemeni people would never forget Iryani’s courageous decision of banning import of fruits from abroad, a step that led to developing fruits agriculture and indigenous fruits flooding the Yemeni market
Dr Iryani deserves from us a word of gratitude for his efforts over the past years.
Amidst optimism and pessimism towards the newly formed government, we thank Mr Irayni’s efforts for Yemen and wish good luck and success for the prime minister Bajammal.