Thank you Yemen Times friends, thank you Yemen Times staff and especially thank you Walid! [Archives:2005/821/Viewpoint]

March 3 2005

A new era for the Yemen Times starts today. Guided by the previous management we have taken giant leaps throughout the history of our paper we were able to conquer the difficulties that we face every now and then.

The distribution of the paper has increased tremendously in the past six years and we have a wide readership locally and internationally. The Yemen Times website is one of the most popular sites relating to Yemeni issues in the world. Today the Yemen Times is biweekly and covers a wider range of issues in the various fields nationally, regionally and internationally.

The Yemen Times has its own printing press which is one of the most modern and advanced in the country. Our services to our clients are not only limited to news, featuring and advertisements anymore. Today it is in our capacity to launch media campaigns, produce a wide range of publications in excellent quality and provide distribution services, and to hold conferences and workshops in our own premises.

In short, today the Yemen Times is one of the strongest publishing houses in the region and as we are proud of this we pray that founder late Dr. al-Sakkaf would be proud of these achievements too.

However, while we are patting ourselves on the back we must not forget the true heroes behind the scene. The men and women who stood behind this project and saw it through. And so, I take this opportunity, being my first editorial as chief editor of the Yemen Times, to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of this institution. Thanks extended all to the readers, friends and clients of the Yemen Times everywhere. Thanks dedicated to the hard working and professional staff of the Yemen Times, and especial thanks to the man who was the driving engine of all this, Engineer Walid al-Sakkaf.

In this new phase for the Yemen Times, we will focus on our achievements and learn from our mistakes. With a positive attitude, professional skills, a lot of hard work and continuous support from our friends we can move mountains. Keep an eye on the Yemen Times and soon you will see what I am talking about. Thank you again and looking forward to working with you all.