Thawra journalists on strike [Archives:2004/719/Front Page]

March 11 2004

Over 30 journalists from state-run al-Thawra Daily started on Saturday a sit-in at the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate premises to denounce the bad treatment they receive from the Editor.
They complained in a letter to the YJS that the Chief Editor Ali Al-Rrawee abused them, called them “rubbish” and threatened to sack them and use the internet instead. They also said they were fed up with the bureaucratic work and bad living standards, which should be improved. The YJS called al-Rrawee to reply to the complaints so that necessary measures could be taken. The journalists who stopped going to work demanded that the Editor should apologize openly to the journalists and take immediate action to put an end to the routine work and improve their situation.
Al-Rrawi said the strike might be because of a decision that would be issued concerning the redistribution of the editors.