The 2nd Economic Conference [Archives:1998/16/Business & Economy]

April 20 1998

The Second Yemeni Conference on Economic Reforms in the Republic of Yemen was held for 3 days in Sanaa, starting on 18 April. Organized by Al-Thawabit Quarterly magazine, the conference included the presentation of several research papers covering major economic topics crucial to the economic development and reform program in Yemen.
In the opening session, a speech was delivered by Dr. Ahmed Al-Bishari, the chairman of the conference preparatory committee. Also present at the opening session were Mr. Abdu Rabbu Hadi Mansoor, the Vice-President; Mr. Abdulmalik Mansoor, the Minister of Culture and Tourism; and Mr. Onder Ucer, the Resident Representative of the UNDP. The participants at the conference included a large number of top economists, both from Yemen and abroad.
A paper on the ‘Egyptian Experience’ was presented by Mr. Ismail Mohammed, the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, another paper on the ‘Jordanian Experience’ was presented by Dr. Mohammed Al-Nabulsi, the former Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan.
The overall experience of developing countries was addressed by a research paper presented by Mr. Inder K. Sud, Director of the Middle East Department in the World Bank.
The Yemeni experience was presented by Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulghani, the Chairman of the Consultative Council, who also chaired the first session. A total of 36 papers were presented.