The 4th week of Basketball Excellent Division Tournament Zohra on TOP [Archives:1998/34/Sports]

August 24 1998

Organized by the Yemeni Basketball Association, competitions of the basketball excellent division tournament started between the Republic’s clubs. They are ten clubs divided into two groups. The first group includes: Al-Yarmook, Ahli of Sanaa, Al-Zohra, Al-Hilal and Shaab of Ibb. The second group includes: Al-Wahda, Shamsan, Al-Minaa, Al-Tilal and Ahli of Taiz.
Until now, four matches were held within the first group and the results were as follows:
1) Al-Tilal defeated Shamsan 49-17
2) Al-Wahda defeated Shamsan 28-16
3) Al-Mina defeated Al-Wahda 51-38
4) Ahli of Taiz defeated Al-Tilal 42-37.
Four other matches were held within the second group and the results were as follows:
1) Al-Hilal defeated Ahli of Sanaa 26-14
2) Al-Zohra defeated Al-Yarmook 45-14
3) Al-Zohra defeated Shaab of Ibb 28-17
4) Al-Zohra defeated Ahli of Sanaa 33-25
The results show that Al-Tilal and Al-Wahda of Aden are on top with 4 points. Al-Minaa came in third with 3 points and Shamsan came fourth with 2 points. In the second group, Al-Zohra came first with 9 points.