The aim is to support women and children:Food security in Yemen [Archives:2003/636/Business & Economy]

May 12 2003

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The project concerned with offering support for women and a child suffering from malnutrition and serious diseases,such as tuberculosis and leprosy, is vital and expressive of the interest directed towards the poor and the sick. The projects aim at improving nutrition of women during periods of pregnancy and breast-feeding their children under the age of five years, especially in the regions where there is no food security. The project does so through offering food and raising health awareness among the targeted segment. According to program of the project the goal is the improvement of the rate of care for leprosy disease by offering support for them. The parties concerned with implementing the project aim at improving nutrition of mothers and upgrading the children's health that are affected with malnutrition. The targeted groups of the society are divided into five categories: – pregnant women, – suckling mother women, children under five years and children affected with tuberculosis and leprosy.
The total number of beneficiaries from the project in the coming five years is 130 thousand persons. The project allocates granting those groups an assistance in a year including 4206 tons of wheat, mixed substances of 241 tons, 55 tons of cooking oil and 155 tons of sugar. The amount of aid in the coming five years is estimated at 21032 tons of wheat, mixed substances 1205 tons, 777 tons of oil, 777 tons of sugar. The total amount is estimated at 33791 tons. The estimated cost of the project in the coming five years is $ 9 million and 500 thousand.
He project is to be implemented in four districts and expected to score positive results for improving conditions of the targeted groups regarding food security, raising the level of their health awareness and upgrading their health conditions. In order to support this project, the ministry of planning and development signed an executive plan agreement with the ministry of health and population and the World Food Program to help women and children and combat diseases of malnutrition. The cost of the project in the coming five years is at $ five million, including materials in kind offered to the targeted groups. The agreement was signed by health minister Dr Abdulnasser al-Munibari, Dr Abdulrahman Tarmoum, deputy minister of planning and Ms Na'ila Abdulla Sabra, resident representative of World Food Program.