The Al Moayyad case March deadline [Archives:2003/08/Front Page]

February 24 2003

German authorities say they will give until the end of March for the US to provide clear evidence with regard to the detention of Sheikh al-Moayyad and his companion, Mohsen Zaed.
Sheikh al-Moayyad and his companion, said to be al-Qaeda suspects, have been detained in Germany since Jan. 10.
The U.S. and Yemen both say they want them for interrogation.
Meanwhile, 26 September Newspaper, the organ of the Yemen Armed Forces, said that 10,000 Euros have been transferred to Yemen’s Ambassador in Germany, Yahya Addeen Adhebi, for following up the case.
Sources say that Sheikh al-Moayyad is in very good condition and is enjoying special care.
During al-Eid al-Adhha, he was allowed to have contact with his family here in Yemen.
Al-Moayyad is a preacher at Al Ihsan Mosque, one of the main mosques in Sana’a.
He left Frankfurt with his companion Mohammed Yahya Zaed for medical treatment.
At the same time, intensified efforts are currently being exerted on the government by Islah and religious affiliates to pressure the government to bring him back to Yemen.