The Amna & Adaile [Archives:1997/49/Health]

December 8 1997

Charity Helps Yemeni Children with Heart Diseases
A representative of an Italian company in Yemen has stated the company’s willingness to provide the cost of treating a number of Yemeni children with heart diseases in Italy.
The Italian beneficent businessman, Mr. Adolfo Vanochi and the Yemeni heart surgeon, Dr. Abdullah Raweh Al-Qudsy met last August with the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Abdulwali Nasher. They agreed that the Amna and Adaile Charity in Yemen would represent the donor party in Italy in coordinating with the Ministry of Health to send a number of Yemeni children for heart treatment abroad. According to the agreement, the Ministry of Health would pay for the children’s tickets and provide a doctor or a nurse to accompany them. The Italian company is to provide the complete cost of the medical care and surgeries.
A lot of effort was made by the charity’s representatives in Sanaa such as Mr. Mohammed Raweh Al-Qudsy, the charity’s general director and Dr. Ahmed Noman in coordinating and following the various procedures at the Ministry of Health in Sanaa. On his part, the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Abdulwali Nasher has done a great job in removing all obstacles that might have hindered the case. He gave explicit directives to get the airplane tickets for the children within 24 hours. The Italian Embassy in Sanaa has given the children visas to Italy free of charge. Two batches of six children each are to be treated in Italy. Given an official send off at the Ministry of Health, the first batch went on December 3rd, and the second one to went on December 7th. The children are accompanied by a Yemeni doctor and some of their relatives.