The Amran highway muggers gang arrested at last [Archives:2005/895/Local News]

November 17 2005

Amran – Nov. 7- Security forces managed to arrest a dangerous gang which used to stop, attack and loot expatriates' cars that come from Saudi Arabia through the Haradh – Hajah – Amran highway.

The gang had recently stopped a car of one of the expatriates, and then taken a sum of a hundred and nineteen thousand Saudi riyals that was with him and ran away with it. They also tore his passport and other documents. Then they also attacked another truck driver and took all his money in addition to a Jambia that costs about YR 5000. The truck driver managed to take down the gang's car number and could recognize their countenance. He reported the details to the police who carried an investigation that lead to the arrest of four gang members, while another five were on the run, but they have been recognized by the police.

During the investigations the arrested gang members have confessed that they have committed a number of highway robberies during the month of Ramadan, in which they used to carry out their stickups during the early morning hours when most people were asleep except for highway travelers in the relatively empty roads.