The Arabs had a summit [Archives:2003/632/Education]

April 21 2003

Yumna Hussein
Ontario, Canada
[email protected]

The Arabs announced a summit
Israel gathered its forces
The Arabs met in a resort
America recalled Saddam's slaughters

The Arabs began their meeting
Israel picked a victim
The Arabs had a lunch break
The Iraqi child was starving

The Arabs resumed their summit
A Palestinian child rose to heaven
The Arabs spoke for an hour
A child in Baghdad was the target

The Arabs had a coffee break
Another homeless orphan
The Arabs resumed their congress
Strangers ruled our Deserts

The Arabs spoke for two hours
It rained missiles in Gaza
The Arabs talked about taking action
New maps and lands were divided to fractions

The Arabs had an argument
An old man lost his history
The Arabs threatened to leave the assembly
Heartless men were moving forward

The Arabs resumed the summit
Sanity became a fairy tale
Palestine bled to death
The Arabs concluded the summit
A mother's tears quenched her thirsty son
Tears came too late he departed with dreams.

The Arab summit was on TV
They watched and laughed
Randomly picked a victim
Randomly picked a country
Tomorrow it will be a priest
Tomorrow it will be Syria
They watched and laughed
We starved and cried
Our laughter seized
Our tears flowed
All this happened
As for the Arabs?
Well, they had a summit