The Attacked Australian ‘Gone Troppo’ in Aden [Archives:2000/06/Local News]

February 7 2000

Mr. Stephen Phillips, 46, and his wife Cail Dawson, 48, from Australia were attacked aboard their own boat, Gone Troppo, by pirates last Thursday, 90 miles away from Yemeni Regional waters. The victims arrived at Aden port Saturday, January 29, 2000 in bad condition. According to Mr. Stephen, five black people fired their Klashnikov guns at the boat and hit Mrs. Gail Dawson in her right thigh and robbed them of their money, communication instruments and other belongings. He also said that one of the attackers was about 50 years old while the others were between 20-30.
Mrs. Gail Dawson was soon hospitalized. Colonel, Ahmad Mothana, Deputy Director General of Aden Security gave instructions to offer the victims every kind of help they needed.