“The Benefits of Gossip?” [Archives:2005/875/Community]

September 8 2005

By Nora Mansour
Gossip eliminates depression and

Strengthens the heart, prolongs the life of women and helps to get closer to other people

Or so claims a British report.

Gossiping is a social activity that every one in the

Society practices. Researchers

Noticed that women gossip

more than other members

of society.

Also they found that they have a wide net of social relations and mostly they live a healthy life because the gossiping releases their

Feelings and minimizes tension

and rage. Gossipers rarely develop heart diseases, psychological problems, depression and desperation because they share

Their feelings with others and release what is in their minds and souls. They are therefore relaxed.

Gossiping is not always a way to waste time or to make trouble and it may have some highly positive aspects.