The brave boy [Archives:2008/1199/Community]

October 16 2008

By: Juzer Murtuza Patanwala
Indian Embassy School

Once there lived a man in the village. He was very brave and helped people. But he was greedy and for saving people lives he took lots of money. Once the brave man saved a man who had a lot of money so, he took so much money from the man.

Once the brave man was walking in the jungle. After sometimes the man saw a tiger. The tiger tried to catch the man but someone killed the tiger. The man quickly ran to his village and told the people that he killed the tiger. The villagers were very impressed with what he said.

But he was not the one who killed the tiger it was a boy who lived in the jungle. When the brave man was telling the villager what happened to him in the jungle and how he killed the tiger. A man came running and told them he is lying.

A boy in the jungle killed the tiger and his name is Tomy. The villagers told we want a proof. The man went to the jungle to find Tomy. After a long time the man found Tomy and told him what the villagers want, he said ok I will come with you. When the villagers saw Tomy and knew the brave man story they all started to respect the boy and considered him as BRAVE BOY.