The challenges of media training in Yemen [Archives:2004/769/Local News]

September 2 2004

Under the auspices Mr. Hussein AL-Awadi, minister of Information, the Mass Communication Training & Qualifying Institute (MCTQI) organized on Saturday 14th August 2004 a workshop on the Challenges of Media Training in Yemen and its Future prospects.
Dr. Abdullah Al-Zalab, dean of the MCTQI, in his speech, welcomed the attendees and described the various activities that MCTQI has been engaged in, as well as its accomplishments.
James W. Rawley, the UN resident coordinator, delivered a speech in which he said, “Since the reunification of Yemen, the country has witnessed the transition to a more pluralistic and free media, characterized by the emergence of new media institutions, a key hallmark of the movement towards a democratic system of governance. The political space – not found in many other countries of the region – was further enhanced recently by the decision of H.E president Ali Abdullah Saleh in May, to abolish the provision for detaining journalists for what they say or write”.
Rawley further said, “Although media represents a major component of the democratic transformation undergone so far in Yemen, international cooperation has yet to address the growing needs of this underdeveloped area. For this reason, I would like to congratulate the MCTQI – as a leading institution, mandated to offer media training opportunities for media practitioners – for taking this initiative to assess the needs of media training and to stir discussion among key national and international counterparts. This effort will no doubt contribute towards ensuring that media in Yemen will play an effective role in promoting awareness about Yemen's development efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.”
He concluded “let us work towards the media in Yemen becoming not only the watchdog against any human rights or any other violations, but also an important vehicle through which all Yemeni people will be able to voice their concerns and fulfill their aspirations”
A number of representatives of embassies, along with local and international organizations, attended the workshop.