The charm of smiles [Archives:2006/1009/Community]

December 21 2006

By: Rahma Al-Gadri
Most people think that a frowning person has strong personality while a smiling person is weak; however, this is not the case. Smiling is a magical stick with ability to stir others' hearts. And hereafter some rules that lead you to use your smile in order to maintain your relations with others.

The honest smile comes from the heart and it is based on love and sincerity. It is totally different from the frantic and emotionless smile which is like fake currency, being cold, empty and malicious. The charming smile is able to open others' hearts for you and facilitates making friends.

Try to love people in order to have an honest and deep smile and train yourself to love people and remember that a joyful person, with his sweet speech and amusing spirit, is always loved by people as he has the ability to make them laugh and forget about their problems.

A natural smile reduces tension and helps to treat some cases of depression.