The Children Draw their DreamsThe outset of Al-Saeed cultural activities for 2004 [Archives:2004/701/Last Page]

January 8 2004
Governor Al-Hajjri opens annual activities of the Foundation
Governor Al-Hajjri opens annual activities of the Foundation
Al Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture inaugurated activities of Al-Saeed Cultural Forum for the year 2004 with a splendid morning festival and a cultural program attracted the attention. Not only a new day but an exceptional one indeed as well as a cultural program which commences exceptionally at Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture, this year.
This exceptional activity comes beautiful and bombastic, flavored with love and coffee flavor whose odor infest the lanes and alleyways of Sana'a, the Arab Cultural Capital for the year 2004.
The Morning of January 4, 2004 witnessed the opening of Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture hall was the venue in which the events of the ceremony were conducted .It was attended this year by the cultural elite, in the forefront of whom was the Judge Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hajjri, the Governor of Taiz, Alhaj Ali Mohammed Saeed, Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Consultative Council member Mr. Mohsen Al-Yousefi, Mr. Abdulhameed Alhadi and Mr. Saleh Obad Al-Khowlani as well as members of the local and executive authorities in the Governorate.
Then the governor Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hajjri delivered a speech expressing his pleasure for attending the gathering grouping the experienced elderly people with the younger aspirants of a better future, at the beginning of the new year that coincides with the occasion of the declaration of Sana'a as the Arab Cultural Capital for the Year 2004.
He went on to say that the Old city of Sana'a represents a deep cultural vestige that reflects the extent to which our ancestors excelled and how our civilization spread out of its borders and was emulated by others. That the experienced older elite who occupy posts at official and social levels are the mentors for our young population towards a brighter future.
The governor indicated that he is proud of the foundation which works for the prosperity of the Capital, Culture and Tourism and that it is great to celebrate in the two capitals Taiz, the Capital of Culture and Tourism and Sana'a the Arab Cultural Capital for the year 2004. At last the governor thanked Mr. Faisal Saeed Farie for his continued activities and that he has proved to be the hub of many activities, affirming that he was the proper man at the proper place.
After that a speech was delivered by Alhaj Ali Mohammed Saeed, Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Consultative Council Member who welcomed those present and congratulated his excellency the president of the Republic on the occasion of declaring Sana'a the cultural Arab Capital for the Year 2004, affirming that this event requires joining of efforts towards raising cultural aspects to the level of such an event. Regarding Al-Saeed Cultural Forum, there will be many activities to come aiming at adding a qualitative flair to the cultural panorama so that others can follow suit. He went on to say that the festival of “The Children Drawing their Dreams' was the first step in this respect.
He also called upon all establishments of the public and private sectors namely, the cultural ones to join efforts towards bringing into view the civilized humane image of our homeland, that thinkers and innovators should take part effectively.
Mr. Faisal Saeed Farie said in his address that this wonderful and exciting ceremony opens windows on the horizon of dreams which come true by the declaration of Sana'a as a cultural capital for the year 2004. Sana'a originally merits such a title for it was by and large the cradle of the Arabs and that the foundation is distinguished in its contributions of which is holding the event titled “The Children Drawing their Dreams'”
When asked what is the reason behind the children's festival?
He answered that it is an opportunity to witness the children express themselves through colors so as to have a contact with their language expressed as such and so as to know their dreams, their aspirations, what they like and what they dislike as well as how we can approach them.
To What extent is the reaction of the children, did they express themselves?
– The reaction was unexpected, for the children enthusiastically expressed themselves through their drawings in a way that made us feel proud. In fact this event helps to consolidate the necessity to treat children as full entities for they shall never react except if they are treated with sincerity and confidence as well as getting rid of the traditional hurdles which made them abstain from divulging their deepest feelings. During our tour of the children drawings exhibition, we stood in front of a drawing that attracted our attention,.The student who drew it is named Nisreen from Arwa School. We asked her to explain to us what does this drawing stand for? She answered that there was the Palestinian flag above the city of Jerusalem and an injured dove flying there above in connotation of the unestablished peace and the Palestinian children confronting the Israeli brutal occupation.
– We also met with Mr. Abdulhameed Alhadi who told Yemen Times that he was impressed to have found effective participation by the disabled children and that after all the results are impressive.
– On the whole, it seems that the purpose behind such an event was served and the children were able to express themselves through drawing their dreams on paper flamboyantly.