The Concept of Culture and Its Importance in the Social Development [Archives:1999/40/Culture]

October 4 1999

Culture and arts are of great importance in societies. Unfortunately, people in our country which is full of many cultural and artistic features which have become the focus of so many orientalists and researchers, look at these concepts as trvials, rather than something necessary for the social development, especially, in the near 21st century. Therefore, I would like to point out the important role played by culture to establish the modern Yemeni society, activating the individual’s mental and physiological faculties.
Many cultural, literary and artistic activities have been practised all over the country, particularly, in the Southern governorates, aiming at activating the creative, as well as the cultural development. In this regard, I highly appreciate the efforts made by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism which is continuing the creative renaissance movement started by the brilliant literary figures and artists in the 50s and 60s in Aden. These activities such as, The Yemeni Song Festival, Wedding Ceremonies Festival, the Folkloric Dance, The Yemeni Childhood Festival .. etc., have created an atmosphere of brotherhood among the Yemeni artists and literary figures who have been provided with many chances to honestly compete with one another. This cultural phenomenon has become a tradition celebrated all over the country every year.
In fact, what pains us is the deplorable situation of culture and arts witnessed in our country nowadays which has resulted mainly from negligence and ignorance. Therefore, I do call upon the authorities concerned in general, and Mr. Abdul Malik Mansour, Minister of Culture and Tourism, in particular to remove all the obstacles that hinder the propagation of the cultural activities leading to the immigration of the brilliant and creative Yemeni artists. At t he same time, I hope that all the worries and problems of the Yemeni artists will be solved in order to be able to create and innovate.