The Conclusion Of 3rd Taekwondo Championship In Amran [Archives:1999/03/Sports]

January 18 1999

The third Taekwondo championship which was held as part of Ramadhan sports activity was concluded under the auspices of Brigadier General Yahya Al-Awdri governor of Amran governorate at the sports hall in Amran last Sunday. At the end of the tournament a presentation ceremony was held to honor the winners. 120 participant divided into two groups to compete in the following weight: 35 kg, 29 kg, 29 kg, 26 kg, 24 kg, 22 kg and 20 kg 
The final result was as follow: 
Team            Gold       Silver     Bronze 
Factory             3               1             – 
Sports hall-A    2                2            2 
Sports Hall-B   1                2            2 
Amran governorate organizes a lot of Sports and Cultural activities during the holly month of Ramadhan, where many young people participate from all over the governorate