The dead heart [Archives:2005/871/Community]

August 25 2005

By Ammar Abdullah AL-Hawi
Taiz University
[email protected]

Groping their way amidst the gloomy darkness of the night, HEARTS of the so-called “Human Beings”, almost pale and dull, are still moaning endlessly and crying out painfully for the dazzling light of the day so as to emerge quickly, knock at their ever closed doors and therefore announce the arrival of the expected moment of salvation. It is too hard to breathe in the clean air of true and sincere love; too dim to see in the beautiful world of happiness and joy; and too bitter to have a fresh drink from the sweet fountain of loyalty and faithfulness.

Moreover, a complete absence of any real emotions or genuine feelings shares their entirely irregular and meaningless pulses, producing a very unmelodious symphony of stillness, of emptiness and lifelessness.

In fact, it is the so cruel HUMAN BODIES that have stolen away purity of emotions and announce of feelings from the poor HEARTS, depriving them completely of the most heavenly bliss of SENSATION, making them absolutely ever unable, rather ever unable to distinguish between blackness and whiteness and between ugliness and loveliness, between falsehood and truthfulness.

The bodies, for those sick hearts, mean no more than a narrow, dark and lonely PRISON room, where there is no any glimmering ray of LOVINGNESS can come in through the iron-made windows to revive their dying spirit; no any open ears to hear to their long, bitter screams; no any empty spaces to echo their deep, mournful sighs. So aimlessly are now they beating on; and so hopelessly are they marching across the illusive mirage of insensitivity and numbness.

Consequently, the asperity and cruelty of the bodies has left these hearts so broken and frustrated that they can neither truly love or taste the sweetness of LOVE, nor try to share others' feelings or even try to respect their sacredness. DECEPTION is the purest feeling they can humbly afford you; and hurting others is the simplest weapon they are always armed with along their thorn-covered and risky to the far distant dwelling of NOTHINGNESS.

Thus a very unquenchable burning desire to depart the imprisonment of the bodies, and get themselves released from the solid shackles of BODYISM, thereby finally becoming able to enjoy the bright light of reality outside and therefore restore their lost FREDOM.