The death will come, guys!! [Archives:2007/1079/Community]

August 23 2007

By: Abdulkreem Al-Aawage
[email protected]

The title of this article is the new slogan of some youths today, especially when you ask someone: Why don't you look after your study and after your future and why do you lose your money on chewing qat and smoking nargila? He/she replies immediately: The Death Will Come, Guys!

This means that there is nothing in this life deserves to pay any labor for it. In addition, there is nothing to make you save your money or your time for it. In fact, it is a new mode for some youths who begin tracing it and practicing it in their daily life.

This phenomenon can be noted obviously throughout the carelessness of students at schools and of the graduated students of secondary schools and universities. It is very dangerous for the youths themselves and it can reflect its bad and dark shadows on all of them. Therefore, we need to look at this situation as a problem. In fact, it is now small, but day by day it may get bigger and bigger.

No doubt that it can be as a result of the bad surrounding economy, unemployment position, and the ghost of corruption which is around us? However, we have to look for solutions and guide this slide of the society to the correct way and try to persuade them that the next days perhaps be better and to be aware that such thinking probably lead them to lose or to deviate of the main target of our existence on this globe. Further, we should convince them that by this they will lose their values and then come to unexpected end.

The youths need guidance as they are not at maturity to judge things well. And, because they see problems as frustrations, they resort to flee of all by chewing qat or joining bad friends' sessions, which may lead them to what is beyond that.

Nevertheless, I am sure that journalists, intellectuals, and preachers will play a crucial role in helping this significant slide of the society to take the right way and to give up this destructive mentality .However, we have to start now and not to wait to be drowned in its serious consequences.