The Educational Battle Between Muslims and Jews [Archives:2001/29/Focus]

July 16 2001

Fahmy Al-Mamary
I think when a nation is defeated militarily, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the end or the demise of that nation. It can really start again from the scratch, build itself industrially, militarily, economically etc. It can also make progress in all aspects of life. Actually, the history of wars is full of similar examples. For instance, during the crusade wars, the Christians invaded and seized a lot of Islamic areas including Jerusalem and others in Palestine, committed a lot of atrocities and massacres, butchered mercilessly a large number of Muslims, destroyed everything. In other words, it seems that Muslims have totally been exterminated from the map and no one can expect that Muslims will defeat Christians in the near future. Muslims had a great victory in a battle called “Hiteen” led by Salah Al-Deen Al-Aiyouby against the Christians and they were successful to defeat them and make them go back to where they came from. Therefore, the military defeat sometimes makes a nation arise from its state of dormancy. That is not applicable only to Muslims. It is a general rule for Muslims or non-Moslems. To illustrate the point, there are two examples, one about a Muslim country and the second about non-Moslem countries. The first is about a war that took place in 1976 between Israel and Egypt supported by some Arab states, which resulted in a resounding victory for Israel. However, that defeat taught Egypt a very significant lesson which enabled Moslems to accomplish a tremendous victory against Israel in 1973. The second example is about Japan and Germany. In Japan, the two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hit by an atom bomb which caused a complete destruction in addition to killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of people. The picture was really terrible and dreadful and led to despair and hopelessness. It was a virtual death of Japan. That was in 1945 and now in 2001 Japan has become something else. It is more advanced in all aspects of life than its killers, America and the allies.
In Germany, in 1945, Germany was defeated and its leader, Hitler committed suicide. Its towns and cities were completely destroyed, similar to the scene of destruction in Japan. Furthermore, it was divided into two states; West and East, separated by a wall called ‘Berlin Wall”. The two states or parts of Germany became enemies, the west followed the NATO and the East followed Warsaw. Now you can find a united Germany as a military, political, economic, strategic power, like Japan. So if a military defeat or a military force doesn’t cause destruction or death to a nation, what causes the death of a nation?
In my point of view, ‘human beings’ who are considered to be the most important factor behind either the eclipse or the development, success, victory and building of nations.
I don’t mean by human beings, their blood or flesh, but their hearts, souls, emotions, feelings. In fact, Islam urges, inspires and encourages Moslems to be morally and spiritually good. It also concentrates on teaching Moslems values, principles, morals so as to build an Islamic personality. I can say that our battle with the Jews does not only aim at being militarily stronger than them, but rather be ingsospiritually, morally, religiously, doctrinally. To make my point clear, the human defeat is more dangerous than the military defeat. A militarily strong nation with weak, timid and cowardly human beings becomes senseless and without value.
So, the Jews understood the value of ‘the educational war’ which mainly involves ‘human beings’. They started thinking about it and made everything possible to achieve it. Furthermore, they called upon a lot of thinkers, writers, intellectuals, poets, psychologists, sociologists, publishers, announcers and others and told them to particularly concentrate their attention and efforts on the ‘human being’ and how they can change their minds to achieve a specific purpose. First, they concentrated on children because they know that children are like a white sheet in which they can write anything, apply any kind of decoration, and teach them their hostile, poisonous and devastating Zionism.
They also know that the children are their future and that they have to carry out their dirty plans. Besides, they teach their children to hate not only Arabs or Moslems but also all kind of races, nations and to convince them that they are the best race or nation and the rest of the races and nations are created only to be their servants.
They really have implanted in the minds of their children all kinds of hatred, distaste, abhorrence, anger, hostility to all Arabs and Moslems and have painted the picture of Moslems and Arabs as weak, defeated, terrorists, extremists, criminals, thieves, backward, ignorant, crude, etc, etc.
Second, when their children grow up and start going to schools, they study and learn the Jewish curricula which are designed to do the same thing, making them more hostile than ever to Arabs and Moslems. In the secondary stages they are prepared to be like their pigs and dogs teachers, such as Sharon, Kahana, Beriz, Shamir, etc. Then they move to the universities where they are taught racism, extremism, Zionism, etc.
Third, their imaginative and destructive plans and activities are not only confined to defame and slander the image and personality of Moslems and Arabs or to teach and implant in their children’s mind all kinds of hatred, hostility, anger etc towards Moslems, Arabs, but also to work day and night to spread all sorts of crimes, vices, depravity, all kinds of drugs, among Muslims and Arabs. In conclusion the Jews have fully understood and wholly recognized how important the ‘educational war’ is and they have been doing their best accordingly. One of their prominent figure says ‘a prostitute singer and a glass of wine can damage and cause more destruction than a thousand of tanks and guns”. Regrettably, Muslims and Arabs are absolutely heedless and neglectful to such a dangerous war. Regarding what was written by Scott Gross criticizing Yemen Times for publishing my article ‘The Jewish Influence over the Mass media and the International Institutions’, describing Yemeni people as ignorant, backward, crudes saying that what was written by me was hateful, blasphemous and outrageous claims, and that our attitudes are bad towards culture different from ours, I can simply say that I wrote only facts about Jews. I didn’t invent any word from my mind, nor did I fabricate a story about them. Facts have to be said and to be heard, whether you accept it or not. I can prove to Scott Gross and to the whole universe that Jews are killers, criminals, arrogant etc. by only writing some of their evil and offensive characters and properties mentioned in the Holy Quran. Their bad characters and properties have elaborately and clearly been described in the Holy Quran, some of which are as follows; Jews are the killers of prophets and Messengers (PBUT). They are most hostile towards Muslims and Islam. They are also violating the agreements and accords with Muslims and other nations. Moreover, they are notorious for cunningness, envy, cheating, treachery, deception, arrogance, etc.
They falsified and distorted their religious books such as “Torah”. They are the propagators of scandals, rumors among other nations. They are the most corrupt and crooked people in the world. They have been cursed and damned by Allah. It is worth mentioning that the Jews are being cursed and damned at least 17 times a day by every Muslim in the world during prayer and will be done so until the day of Judgement.
In addition, they are even criticizing and blaspheming against Almighty, Allah saying that ‘Allah is poor and we (Jews) are rich’. They are eaters of usury and they are unjustly exploiting people and stealing their money. They are the children of pigs and monkeys because Allah made some of them pigs and monkeys, etc, etc. Those are some of the references to Jews mentioned in the Holy Quran, I need books to write them all.
What about Mr. Scott Gross, are you going to be shocked and appalled and are you going to say what has been mentioned in Holy Quran about Jews, are outrageous claims? In my opinion these are criminals, killers, and arrogant. They are the killers of children like Mohammed Al-Durah, they are the killers of infants, like the infant, Iman Hago.