The epidemic is coming nevitably [Archives:2005/851/Health]

June 16 2005

By. Amr Adil Jawi
The progeny H5N1of Bird Flu which killed 42 people in Asia since 1997 is one of the prospects of the spread of the disease .The researches in this respect indicate that there appeared a more destructive animal killer progeny of a virus than that of 1997.The sudden increase in human infections increased the prospect of the emergence of a new silent progeny that may spread among people. The virus could change through mixing genetic materials with human flu virus, a thing that makes it more able to attack human lung alveoli's. In spite of the fact that H5N1 has killed only 42 people, it worth pointing out that its killing rate is 76%. This makes the prospects of its being exterminated in near future unexpected. The best method of control now is to destroy infected animals. The vaccination against bird flue, is an additional procedure . The transfer of the virus happens through direct contact with infected birds. The virus comes out of the birds' bodies with the dung , which becomes powder, then it is carried by air. The symptoms of bird flue are like that of other flu, one would have fever cough and throat congestion. It could develop into sever inflammation, with eye ophthalmic. There are several bird flu. The one known by the name H5N1 flu is the most dangerous, for it has high prospects of human fatality. Those who have direct contact with animals in poultry and poultry selling markets are the most vulnerable. The virus has the ability to live in birds' secretions and tissues for along time especially in low temperatures. Those infected by bird flu can heal by using antibiotics. Reasrchers are now trying to develop a serum for bird flu. The possibility of human fatality with bird flu is still high. Six cases out of 18 have died of those who contracted bird flu in 1997. Last year, 2004 it killed 10 people. To avoid the disease one should keep away from live poultry, where the virus is highly possible to spread. There is a possibility that the virus could merge with variety of viruses that affect humans and form a new virus. This merge can happen if a human flu patient is infected with bird flu.Bird flu cannot be contracted through food, so eating infected birds doesn't present danger .The European Union said it would consider a protective measure of banning the importing of products and meat of poultry to stop any affected birds from entering the Union.Millions of birds has been killed to contain the disease, and stop its transfer to humans.

The Mechanism of the Transfer of bird Flu:

(1) When the virus is excreted with the dung of bird, it becomes powder, then it is taken in by inhaling the air. The virus goes along the respiratory channel without damage, because the Heamo -Glutinine isn't fit for RECEPTERS in the human cell.

(2) The structure of HEAMO GLUTININE ” a protein on the surface of the virus”” slightly changes